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American IndiansSkriv ut Utskrift
En kort temaoppgave om indianere.
Engelsk - TemaoppgaveForfatter:

For a long, long time ago was Indians the only humans living in America. But they didn’t terms themselves like Indians. That name obtain when Columbus came with he’s ships soon five hundred years ago. Columbus had sailed in several months. He thought that he had sailed all over the world when he came to India. And than when many indigenous with black hair and brown skin paddling in there’s Cano to the ships, he called them the “Indians”.

-There where many Indians-tribes.

When we see Indians on film and television, we reflect all the Indians like straight. But they weren’t straight in the real life. Indians lived not in big group of people. Similar with us here in Europe had them different nations and tribes.


Indians where convoying war on a special way. They could list there self behind the enemy so silent that they couldn’t here the Indians coming. They perform everything in the forest. Indians had also there own indication and signals and attacked the enemy often in twilight.

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